Saturday, July 21, 2018

Friday is for Friends & Fun on the Beach! 

There truly are no words to describe how today was. But so that you can have an idea I’ll use the only words I know to use. Today was a true blessing from God. With it being our last day here to a very busy and tiring week we spent the entire day at the beach with an orphanage that is for mentally handicap adults. From the moment we all got there it was nothing but smiles, laughter, and love from these children of God. We threw each other in the pool, had a dance party, made bracelets, and threw each other in the pool again. But eventually all things on this earth must end. After the orphanage left, we all went out for one last meal together with the Sus Hijos team, we had pupusas and tamales and drinks from El Salvador I can’t begin to pronounce or spell. Of course more laughter, smiles and Love. Goodbyes can be hard, you’re having to leave the ones you have come to Love and care for and not only call friend but you can call family because you know that if you ever needed something, these are the people who you can count on. But goodbyes can be a blessing as well, for with that good bye, you get to go wherever it is God intends to take you and make great things happen, make new friends who you can call family. And simply Love like God intended for us to Love.  Thank you to everyone who made this week possible, whether it was a donation, a card you sent, driving us to the airport and back, or simply just a prayer to God. You were just as much a part of the team as everyone here. And whether you know it or not your action of love helped change lives for God this week. God bless Starfish, God bless Sus Hijos, just simply God bless you all!

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