Friday, November 29, 2019

Fantastic Friday in Brazil!

Today we went back to a community in Brazil that we had been to earlier in the week.  
We passed out many things, but the favorite of the children was beautiful gift bags put together by
 The Red Bird Project. 
Each bag contained either a new dress for girls or outfit for boys with matching purse or other treats!

This community has a big ditch that runs along its base. Many people live along this ditch that has raw sewage running in it. Alongside the ditch is a soccer field (and I use the term loosely).
The organization that we partner with goes into this community at least twice a week, doing home visits, and conducting Bible Studies and children’s activities. They have been doing the children’s events on the makeshift soccer field for years. There is broken glass everywhere, and many of the children come barefoot.

This community needs a church, a place to hold children’s activities. They need a safe place for children to learn about Gods word. They have found a place that could easily be converted into such a place, but it will cost $40,000.  

Starfish Orphan Ministry is going to match 100%  of all money donated until this goal is reached! If you are interested in helping make this dream come true, please make a donation at 
Simply click on the “Donate Now” button (be sure to include “Brazil” in the designation line), or mail to Starfish Orphan Ministry, 1000 Broadway, Paducah, KY 42001

Happy Thanksgiving from Brazil!

Definitely not any turkey or stuffing on our plates, but it has been another terrific day! We spent the first part of the day downtown, touring huge markets and seeing an exact replica of Solomon’s temple and the Tabernacle. Very cool!! And ended our day with a church service here on the property with adults and kids from the local community. It has been one of my biggest pleasures this trip, listening and worshipping with strangers, who are now friends, in their language. There are very few words I understand, but I can only image how pleasing it is to God.
I am so impressed with the work of Amo (Portuguese for “feed my sheep”). Truly, they walk the walk, and talk the talk. The foundation of their ministry is to see the lost saved. It is the heart and soul of all they do. I have loved every second serving with them, meeting the physical needs of the Brazilians here in the flavellas (slum communities), but never without telling the Good News. They have such a merciful, loving presence, and have devoted themselves to discipleship.
So we may not be there in KY celebrating all we have to be thankful for, and we sure are missing our family and friends, but so thankful for every moment we have had here!! 
~Shannon Stivers~

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

A Wednesday of Weeding in the Garden!

Today we worked on the farm.  We had choices, but all of us chose the gardens. 
There’s something about helping to raise food that will feed hungry people!  
There may have been some tomato plants that were mistaken for weeds, so not sure that they will want us there again, but we enjoyed the hard work!
Tonight we drove back to Campinas to have church again. We went on home visits first, inviting people to church. Brazilians are typically VERY hospitable, everyone wants to feed us or gove us coffee, even if it leaves them with not enough. It was raining like cats and dogs. Actually it was raining so hard that the cats and dogs weren’t even anywhere to be found. Many children and adults walked to church in the pouring rain. 
They must REALLY want to be there! They feel loved in this place, that’s what draws them in!
We worked with children, and teen girls mostly tonight. We made pictures of everyone, printed them out and gave them to the kids. It was as we’d given them a treasure! 
We are so blessed to be able to walk alongside our ministry friends, loving on children here!

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Tuesday was another blessed day!

 We returned to one of the communities that we went to on Saturday when we first arrived in Brazil.
 It was great for the whole team to see familiar faces, and lots of new ones too! 
 A couple of us talked to the women’s class and shared with them about how Jesus is enough, even in the hard times. Then others chopped food for the cooking class, while some helped with the children. After lunch for the second children’s class, three of us put in a skit, and it was lots of fun! We played Mary, Martha and Jesus, and encouraged the kids to focus on God and not to “sweat the small stuff”!
We took photos of each of the children as they came in, and printed them out. We had the kids make foam frames as a craft, and then they put their photos in the frames.  They were beyond thrilled to have pictures of themselves. 
 After the second round of Bible studies, we went to visit homes in that community.  Most of the homes we visited had dirt floors, and sheets for doors. When we asked how we could pray for them, most everyone asked for health and protection for their families, not for nicer houses, not for a car, not for more money. They really want to feed their children and have them healthy.  So many people that have healthy children with full bellies, aren’t thankful enough for that. 
Thanksgiving is this week, please remember to be truly thankful for these things!

Monday, November 25, 2019

A Meaningful Monday in Brazil

I am having a great time here. I was kind of nervous to leave my home, but I know that I cannot always stay where it is comfortable and easy. It is the first mission trip I have ever been on, but so far I love it. The kids are so friendly and not afraid to love on strangers. It was the first time I really had to share my testimony, but after watching some of the team I am here with I felt ready. I am not the best at it yet, but that will come with time and patience. I enjoy the churches here and love the people!~AJ Stivers

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Sunday, New Friends and New Experiences

I really like it here. Seeing all the people in the slums makes me more grateful for what I have. I have met a lot of new people that have become like friends. Everyone here likes to give hugs, I love that!

The worship service we had today was outside, it was great! I have met girls that are 14 years old and have babies. I can not imagine that, I am 12. Yesterday we passed out hot dogs and popcorn to people that live in one of the slum communities, they were so happy!
 God sees us all in the same way. We are all made beautiful, in His image.
~Harper Stivers~