Monday, June 14, 2021


 Our very last day was amazing. We got a COVID test on our way to the States Bakery where we toured their building. 

We met the kids from the Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos orphanage at the beach house. Some kids played in the pool while others explored the beach. Some of the younger kids had never been to the beach before. It was so much fun to play with all the kids. We brought toys for the pool, and many of them played with water guns. Others collected seashells along the beach. 

We ate lunch together, and told them a Bible story. We told them about how Jesus provided for us with the story of him feeding the 5,000 with two fish and five loaves of bread. We also did several activities with them, such as making beaded bracelets and necklaces and painting nails. 

After the children left, the mission group stayed a little while longer to watch the sunset. 

We ended the day with a wonderful dinner of pupusas. We thanked our amazing translators and incredible mission leader, Josue, for doing an outstanding job this week. They made our trip so special. We all felt so blessed to be able to come and enjoy the mission trip with such special people. 


 The day I’ve been waiting for!

I was here one year and 3 months ago when Covid hit.  I never dreamed it would be that long before we would be allowed to return! 

One of my favorite places in El Salvador is the Center for Adults with Special Needs. They are mentally like children, but in adult bodies.  These people have been thrown away by society. Society has made a a mistake! These sweet friends of mine are precious jewels!

In Matthew 25:40 it talks about how when we serve the least of these, we are serving Him!  Those Adult-Children that used to be at San Martin are considered “the least of these” by society. 

I love them like family and it was so hard knowing that they could not possibly understand what the pandemic was or why we could not come to visit them! When I saw them, I wept! I have missed them, I have worried that they would forget me, or think that I didn’t care about them, but that wasn’t the case. Some of them cried too. 

They listened closely as we told them about Saul killing Christians, and going blind. We told them through a skit that Ananias was afraid, but did as God asked and went and prayed for Saul. We talked about listening for God, and how we can trust him when he calls us to do things, even things that may not make sense to others. 

Then we danced! We danced with reckless abandon! It was everything I had dreamed of for SO long! Their joy was worth the wait! 

In the afternoon we visited with over 100 children of all ages! Some played soccer, others volleyball, and basketball. We did crafts. We did our Saul skit. We took a tour of their facility and headed back for the long trip back to the mission house. 

It was a very blessed day!


Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it. 

Yesterday, the team assembled the house, and it was a blessing to sense that we were a part of something bigger—God’s plan for Rosa and her son, Lorenzo. 

Today was “dedication day.” After a trip to Walmart to buy a few more household supplies for the family.

The next two hours were spent setting up and decorating the inside. If you step in the 200 sq. ft. home, you see a set of bunkbeds and a full bed on the right, all cushioned with handmade mattresses, and dressed with sheets, pillows, and blankets. 

There are Hot Wheels, trucks, bubble tubes, and other toys waiting on the top bunk for Lorenzo. On the left side of the house is a small wooden table with benches on each side. One other seat, a rocking chair, sits in the middle of the room with a small rug at the feet.

The family and some of the team members were tearful as the house was dedicated and prayed for. When called, Lorenzo entered and jumped right up to the top bunk and discovered the toys. But first, he scooted them out of the way and layed tummy down to enjoy his bed, with his face toward the window where we could all watch. When he saw the tubes of bubbles, he yelled excitedly at his mom to show her. 

Tonight, Rosa and her son are sleeping in a clean, dry home of their own. As you think of them, pray for Rosa, pray that she experiences joy and freedom in Christ. You could ask God to help her understand more each day, God’s never-ending, reckless love for her and Lorenzo—that she would know that God sees her.

People from the small community start to gather in the dirt and gravel road next to her house—not really to see her house, but because they know the team will have some food and supplies to share. “Feeding the Community” is the next part of the team’s work for the day. Each family receives prayer before receiving a sack with packages of flour, beans, rice, sugar, and spaghetti. The kids each get a treat bag and some shirts and shoes well given out as well. Polaroid pictures for the families are a part of the afternoon, too.

Tonight, we fed the homeless in the streets of San Salvador—at least as far as 150 bagged meals would go. There are never enough. These homeless folks are not faceless. In fact, several of them are called by name from the sheltered areas in alleys and on streets where they were trying to keep dry and out of the rain. There were many smiles returned to us—genuine, grateful smiles.

It’s fun to do something nice for someone and see them smile.  It’s better to see someone smile at you and see Jesus’ face behind their eyes. All glory to God! Todo sea para la gloria de Dios! 

Thursday, June 10, 2021


Our third day started with loading the trucks at the mission house with a collaboration of efforts from our own Team, the Sus Hijos Team, and the transition house. After loading the trucks with all the necessary materials to construct a home, we loaded the busses and headed on our way. With only one stop on our 3 hour journey and an early start to the day, we were able to arrive at the building site early in the morning to greet the community. With plans to only build a house, we ended up converting the plot of land to much more than just a house. 

As we arrived, we were greeted by the soon to be home-owners. With humility and courage they were excited for the work we were soon to do. After a brief prayer, we began to start our project. We started out by clearing the debris and overgrown vegetation. We followed by unloading all of our equipment and proceeded to begin our construction for the day. Within just three short hours, we were able to lay the foundation and set the floor boards. After a brief lunch break, the team was able to erect the walls and begin the roofing for the home. 

What an amazing feeling being able to provide not only a home for one family, but a sense of community for the neighboring area. Finishing day one of our project ended with the completion of the exterior areas of the house. Walls were painted and solar powered lights were installed as well as and rain collection system. 

Shortly after, the team loaded up our equipment and boarded the busses to head back to the mission house. After the long day under the sun, we were able to hydrate and share stories on the way back to San Salvador. 

Upon returning to the city, we celebrated our team efforts and bonding through a well deserved dinner at the States Diner. With a new perspective we found more appreciation for the food that gave us the energy to return to the mission house to set our equipment up for the next day.

Tuesday, June 8, 2021


 Today was a great day! We started off the morning loading the van with balls, crafts, snacks, shoes and more for the kids we were planning on seeing today. We arrived at CISNA with 21 boys eager to play and be loved on. We divided our team in groups along with boys. Games of futbol and basketball were in full force. The music was blaring and smiles and laughs could be heard all over. Once we needed a break, we brought out large glider airplanes and smaller ones for the boys to play with. They were a hit!! We then gathered the boys for a Bible study skit, passed out new shoes for all of them and a little snack / toy bag for them. 

We said our goodbyes and headed next door to San Martin. This was an emotional hour where we shared stories and planted a tree in memory of Sandra. Kurt and Laura spread her ashes where she spent so many beautiful years of her life. We know in our heart she is now in heaven dancing with Jesus. 

After lunch, we headed to San Vincente del Paul. We were asked to get fully gowned up, with fresh new masks and a face shield. We were able to play with some of the young boys, teen moms and young girls. They loved playing with balloons animals, coloring, jumping rope, jenga and a little futbol. We ended with hugs and some snacks. 

We came back to the mission house to have kings meal tonight. We shared the same food that we hand out to the homeless this evening, hot dogs, chips and cookies. As we started to walk out of the house and loaded the truck, a large rain storm rolled in. God humbled us right from the start. The rain was dumping from the sky from every direction, the wind was blowing and the temperature dropped. He reminded us that we were fortunate again to come back to a dry, warm bed and clothes. This evening was so special. We were able to pray over many people. While it was heart breaking to see familiar faces, passed out over 150 meals and warm coffee. 

Monday was a wonderful start to the week and we're excited to see what else God has in store for our team.



Today started off Amazing! We started the day going to church and praising God with our Salvadorian Brothers and Sisters.

 Next we got a chance to do some singing and bible story skits with the

After church we went and had a yummy lunch and then went back to the mission house to change clothes and prepare to go the girls prison. 

Unfortunately we were unable to get to visit with the young ladies due to some last minute changes with the facility, but God allowed us to turn lemons into lemonade and we were able to go and visit a local park that was absolutely amazing!

We came back to the mission house after the park and then visited and talked with the girls and boys transition kids. Next we headed out with all the kids and went and enjoyed a Great Movie, “Cruella.”  It was really good and the kids really enjoyed the movie, plus the popcorn and drinks they had! 

We wrapped up the evening with a lovely rice and bean dinner. Sunday was a Great Day! We truly thank God for a Beautiful day to serve in 

EL Salvador!!!

Monday, June 7, 2021



The team left Friday. We had lots of issues with the hotel, Uber, airline, etc, but despite all the trouble, we could see God's hand in our travels. We did have one traveler that was joining us from Chicago, who  dealt with flight delays and problems with airlines, but she used her time in the airports to encourage other travelers. 
We all arrived in El Salvador safe and sound!
The Sus Hijos team greeted us with smiles and hugs! 
We headed to the newest Sus Hijos project, The Station States Lifetime! Most of these kids aged out of orphanages and were put out on the streets with no way to feed themselves. Now they are learning a trade in the service industry. 
Saturday night we fed the homeless. It was a humbling experience. We had meals for about 150 people, but it's never enough. We always have to leave with people standing holding their hands out for food. 
Please continue to pray for the team this week! 
-Pray everyone stays healthy so they can get the most work done.
-Pray that God opens doors for them to be able to spread the gospel in multiple orphanages thought the week. 
-Pray for energy Tuesday and Wednesday as they build a home for a family in a rural village and serve the community!