Sunday, August 19, 2018

Welcome to Brazil! Saturday, August 8th

Today was an amazing day for our team in Brazil. About 24 hours after leaving the Starfish office, we stepped onto the mission field. We left the airport early this morning and went straight into the slums of São Paulo. Some of us first went door to door, inviting people to come at 2:30 to watch Tim Bertram of God’s Graffiti work his God given talent with his artwork. The huge group that has come to see it were mesmerized!  There were even some local men there, who don’t usually come to gatherings in their community.  
Chevene worked with a group of Mom’s, giving them encouragement and sharing how God values them and their children. 
AMO fed lunch to everyone in attendance and taught the women to make cinnamon twists. They tasted amazing!  After lunch in the favela, we went to another shanty community across town.  This one is very close to an area called Crack Land, where people do nothing but smoke crack. Because of the problem with crack cocaine, there are many children running around with no one to look out for them. It’s common to see a 4 year old caring for a one year old.  
We took food, candy and treat bags and went visiting people. When we prayed for them some people wept. You could tell that most of the people in these slums know and love the AMO team that we work with. They have built relationships in these places that many won’t go, and they have gained trust and respect of those who live there. This is my third time to Brazil and it never ceases to amaze me. The people that we are meeting and serving are in a dark and sad place, but they have not been forgotten! ~ Laura

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