Thursday, October 9, 2014

Loving His Kids!

Tonight's note comes from : Mason Milles
"Today was a true blessing for me. This morning we went to  Tovida and we had a great time with the young ladies singing songs and taking their pictures. A few hours ago we went to a special needs orphanage named Garolla. We danced, sang, had snacks, and truly enjoyed ourselves. But the point where I truly felt that I actually had a purpose in being in that room. When I looked into the eyes of those children and tickled them I felt like a dad. I don't even mean metaphorically, I really felt like a father in that moment loving on his kids because he adores them. I thank God for the ability given to fathers and soon to be fathers alike, the ability to comfort his children and people at anytime. 2 Corinthians 6:18 - "and I will be a father to you, and you shall be sons and daughters to me, says the Lord Almighty."

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Today was spent finishing up the house. What a long and rewarding day! The team completed all of the finishing touches, gave the father his lock & key and prayed over the new home. 
Here's a beautiful note from Lisa Feldsein:
"My heart overflows!
In addition to clothing, feeding and housing a family of six. Which is entirely an amazing feat here!

We gained a new sister in Christ! God used common sinners forgiven through grace to share with Maria. God used the example of people spending time to build a house for others we do not know and a gift of beans, rice, prayer and a bible to touch her heart!  While talking we also shared John 3:16, Romans 3:23 and 6:23 as well as 1 John 1:9.  After talking about having a relationship with Christ, she said she wanted to do that!  
Lillie, our translator,
Assisted us with sharing. Such a blessing! 
Of course working with the family was awesome too!  
Watching their faces as they removed their shoes before entering their new house!  Seeing the furniture. The food. The new sheets!  Pillows.  A rocking chair. Plastic chairs for sitting in. Table and benches to eat at as a family!!
We are sitting in the dry after a big bowl of Judy's famous Tortilla Soup (Originally Susan Ackerman's). Thanks Judy and John for a great week! Praying God continues to bless your ministry as you serve!  Tonight the family is in a dry house with a floor. They had food to eat. They also know that God loves them!
Such a blessed trip!" 

Tuesday, Begining to build

This morning the team traveled for about an hour and a half to a remote village in El Salvador to begin building a new home for a father and his five children, desperately in need. 
They were humbled by the circumstances they found the family living in, and were honored to begin laying the foundation work for the new home. By the end of the day, the house was coming together nicely and they're looking forward to finishing it up tomorrow! 
Here's a note from Kenny Vaughn:
Another awesome day serving Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, here in El Salvador!  The team worked extremely hard putting in the blocks for the foundation for a new home for a father and his 5 children.  The father and older children work hard but make only around 50 USD per month, so they have many needs. It is truly a blessing to be able to meet their need for housing, some clothing and some  housewares.  To be able to love on this family and share Christ with them brings John 13:34-35,to mind, ""A new command I give you: Love one another as I have loved you.  By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another."  It is my prayer that by loving this family they will know we are Jesus' disciples and that He loves them with a love that is not just temporal, like the house we are building, but with a love that is immeasurable and leads to everlasting life!  Thank you Father for allowing us this opportunity to serve you and spread your love."

Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday, Funday!

Monday was a day full of joy and fun as the team spent the morning with our friends at San Martin; the adult special needs center, and and the afternoon entertaining the kids at CIPI; San Salvador's orphanage intake center.
"The best way I can think of to describe the [adult] Special Needs orphanage that we went to today, is simply "The happiest place on earth". The people that live there truly have no worries, and are just so happy! My heart was so full going back there for the first time in 5 years! My anxiety level was high until we got there, but after about 2 min all of my cares were gone. The best part of our visit there was the dance party. Man, do those people know how to dance! We were able to tour the property and even purchase some "Starfish" items they had made just for us, before having our story time of Zaccheus and dancing for hours. Steve Moore was also able to bring his guitar and we had some sing-a-long time. 
After we left there, we headed to an orphanage called CIPI. Here, they have small boys, teenage moms and their babies and teenagers that have had a rough past. This is the in take center where all the kids go when they are first taken off the street or from the home, so they are very fragile. We were able to paint fingernails, do our skit again, make baloon animals, paint faces and all sorts of stuff. Once we were finished sharing Gods word with them, we headed to the big field outside and played softball. I never knew softball with teenage girls could be so much fun. We all had A BLAST! We are going to feed the homeless tonight for the third and final time this week. Tomorrow, we will head out early to begin building a house for a family in need. I cant wait to see what tomorrow and this experience holds!!!" - Natalie Price

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday, Church and His boys

The crew had a great first full day! They went to church this morning, spent the afternoon at a boys orphanage and are feeding the homeless again tonight. 

Here's today's note from Dave Price...
"Today we began at a local church. We started with worship as a whole, and then the team broke off to do childrens church. We played out the skit of Zaccheus for the kids, and Bryan Carter told the story and preached to the kids. 
Following the story, we broke into groups of big kids and little kids and enjoyed some crafts. We had lunch at Pollo Compero before we headed to CISNA the boys orphanage. We began with a huge game of soccer and face painting. 
Then, we discovered that the balloons we had brought for balloon animals made AMAZING water balloons. 
The fun really took off from there! 
People were running up behind each other and popping balloons over each other like crazy! The boys had a huge blast, and so did we! It was truly a blessing to see them laugh so much and have so much fun. 
We ended our day there with the story of Zaccheus again, and headed back to the house. 
We have just finished up eating and are about to head out to feed the homeless again. I am looking really forward to the rest of the week, and cant wait to see what God has in store!" - Dave Price