Sunday, April 30, 2017

Day one in Uganda

Day one,  Starfish is here in Uganda, working with another ministry, Beyond Uganda.  We work with other missions to best serve children in other countries, to ensure we use what God's provides to best serve Him. We were welcomed at an orphanage, which is BU's Children Home. 

They welcomed us with songs and dance. We got to spend time with hugs and introducing each other before we ate.   As we were eating I noticed a couple of different culture differences.  First, a spoon or fork  is not needed for a meal! Fingers were created before forks and spoons. Second is they enjoy eating together, and it is amazing to watch the love as one shares with another if they got to much on there plate or someone else was still hungry. 

After we ate we got to let Gods love shine through!  I personally got to show balloon animals to everyone for the first time.  They got close so they could see. 

I heard the others were taught some dances, but all I could see was a forest of kids. After what seems like a few minutes, but could have been hours, the kids had learned new songs to thank us.  The older kids sang a song of Gods love for us!  I told them that's the only reason I was there. Jesus love me!  I love Jesus!  And Jesus loves them.  It was out side of there house, worshipping!  

We toured the house. We will cover that more later this week!  God will provide.

The kids asked for some toys, they for safety reasons can't go play in the village. So we pulled out some play balls and soccer balls.  However the hand pump broke.  So, someone blew the balls up with a needle and there mouth!  I know God supplies whatever we need!

There is a need for playground equipment here.  So many kids with nothing, to play with.  Food, shelter and medicine are provided.  And now balls that were donated.  We had stopped at a church this morning and I got to reflect a little Jesus, letting the Son shine. 

Here are pictures of some playground equipment that can be purchased, if everyone could pull together and come up with $2,000.  Think of kids with no toys, no equipment, and especially no privacy not having any thing to play on.  We would think "house arrest". But these kids are so blessed!  

This trip, blessing these kids with the love of Jesus and everything we do at home would not be possible if God didn't use people just like you to do the work.  If it's local, or away, you make the difference. ~ Joe Millay