Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Gardner Family

Introducing the newest member of the Gardner family! Eduardo is officially a Gardner now and loving his new sisters! Be in prayer for the Gardner family as they are spending the next few weeks wrapping up adoption ends. Things are going well and the siblings are having a blast!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Still trying to get home...

For those of you still following, please say a little prayer for the team tonight. It seems that getting home is proving to be much like getting to El Salvador. They were on a plane in Miami ready to head back, and now have a fuel leak. They are waiting on either another plane or may be spending the night in Miami... We are waiting to hear now...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Bowling fun with kids from LaCasa!

Tonight the team took the kids from LaCasa bowling and it looked like organized chaos!

More from Thursday

Here are more photos from the CISNA boys home and Special Needs from yesterday. I have also added more "Soccer for El Salvador" pictures below as well!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Soccer for El Salvador!

The team had an amazing and very packed Thursday! In addition to the special needs home of San Martin and the HIV children's center, they spent the afternoon at the former prison of CISNA. Here they were able to deliver hundreds of soccer balls to boys of all ages and several more were saved along the afternoon as well! What an amazing God day!
Benson wiped out from passing out so many futbol's!

HIV Home at San Martin

Here are a few pictures from our friends!

Special Needs Home at San Martin

Today is my favorite day, and I'm so sad to be missing it! The team is at San Martin working with the precious people of the special needs home. This afternoon they will most likely visit the HIV orphanage as well. These adorable pictures show Kurt's favorite past time of Christmas in June at San Martin!
More "Soccer for El Salvador" balls!

Feeding the homeless...

Last night, a portion of the group went out with Kurt and were able to feed homeless children and elderly people of San Salvador. Here are just a few pictures... It looks like they may have met a clown along the way...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Amazing things in Tejutla!

The team spent the day back in Tejutla today. Several of the group members went door-to-door sharing beans and rice and witnesssing with the people of the village. Others worked to teach Sunday School activities to adults, VBS with kids, and much more. We were told this evening that there were at least 14 more brought to know Christ today! What an amazing God experience to be a part of!

Soccer Balls

The team has began to pass out hundreds of soccer balls with money collected from this Spring's "Soccer for El Salvador" campaign. We hope to have more pictures soon of these balls being delivered to the kids. You can just imagine their excitement to get a shiny new soccer ball of their very own! It's truly a universal language!