Monday, July 16, 2018


The day started off so exciting. We woke up had a delicious breakfast, got ready and headed on down to church.
 As soon as we walked in, I just felt the love and excitement for worship throughout the church. It’s kind of like Central, but in a different way. Everyone was clapping and singing their hearts out. Mostof us couldn’t understand what they were singing, but we still tried to sing along. After a couple more songs, the preacher had asked the church if there were any testimonies to be preached. An older lady had gotten up and had said “This testimony is rather short, just because it is short doesn’t mean it isn’t any good.” She talked about how she had this verse that just meant so much to her and how she lived her life. After that there was one more testimony by another lady. She had talked about her husband, who was recently diagnosed with Bronchitis, who’s been staying in the hospital. She then told us how if she would have waited maybe a day or two to go to the hospital that he wouldn’t have made it. She said she prayed to God everyday hoping he would get better soon. That testimony appealed to me in so many different ways, it should how God is just so amazing and he always pops up right in time. After the testimonies were over the preacher introduced us to his church and then we headed over to where the children have Sunday School. 
We taught them about the story of Joseph and how God gives each and every one of us a special gift. Then we all colored together and gotten to know the kids a little bit better. We came back to the mission house to change into some more comfortable clothes and headed over to a boys orphanage. 
We fed them pizza and watched them eat till it was time for us to go. Leaving that orphanage, for me, was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. But they were happy so we were happy. We got back here and ate together like a big happy family! We visited the boys transition home, the boys staying there are super nice and the place itself is really nice. The transition program is when kids come in from the orphanages and many of them they get a job at the States Diner, to earn money. They can only stay in the program for two years. Love this team and this trip! –Samone Cavitt

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