Friday, December 31, 2010

Why we go...

It sounds like the group had a very full day on Thursday. There was more work in the clinic, cleaning of the orphanage and school and many new relationships were founded...

The following story came from Melissa Grosskreutz... "The most impactful thing that happened to me today was when a small group of people showed up from an orphanage. There were 6 children that were fairly new that came to get a check up by the doctor. These kids were so precious. They didn’t know what a slide was. We climbed up to the landing with them. It took awhile but one of the boys slid down the slide. He looked frightened on the way down, but once he reached the bottom the best laugh came out of this little person. You know the kind that comes from your belly, yeah that one. That helped all of the boys get excited over this slide. They came running. One little girl, Kimberly, looked frightened standing on the landing. I carried her down and held her. I asked one of the workers what her story was. Apparently, Kimberly and her two brothers were dropped off at this orphanage because they were living on the street and their mom couldn’t take care of them. This broke my heart. Soon after that, Kimberly laid her head on my shoulder and started to cry. It didn’t take me long to join her. Here in my arms I am holding this little one who has a mother who couldn’t take care of her and her brothers. But, the Lord kept telling me “She is mine. I have not forgotten.” James 1:27 says this, “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” This is why we are here. The children of Haiti are not forgotten. These are precious in His sight. These are His.

This is the sweet boy who received stitches on his forehead wound yesterday. It seems to be healing well!
Please pray that he will continue to heal and grow healthier!
To those of you who have worked so hard on pillowcase dresses and blankets... Thank you from the children! Thank you for serving and for the prayers you gave over these sweet blessings!
As you can see from the girl pictured above, and below, you are very much a part of this team!!!
HIS PROMISE is this:
"I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you." John 14.18
Please be in prayer for the group on Friday as they travel to a large tent city. They will be handing out treat bags, medical supplies and lots of love.
Please pray for safety. Pray that there will be impacts made to improve the conditions and help the residents in some way.
Pray for open hearts and minds for both the team and those they will meet.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wednesday... Hitting the ground running

Today began with a group prayer at the cross...
"Today we got up at 5a.m. and went to the prayer rock to pray at the BIG cross on the hill. WOW you could see everything! What a beautiful place Lifeline is at. Mountains everywhere, the most beautiful place I've ever been in my life. Later, we went to see kids in the village and what a different experience that was. Words could not decribe it. The kids love to hold onto you and we had 4 to 5 kids to every team mate! I love kids so its a natural love for me, but to see kids who have NOTHING, man, let me tell you... they love to be loved. This was a crying moment..." - Jordan Moneymaker

"I'm not sure how to explain today. It was the most amazing experience of my life!! Things have been great and I met a pastor that drove 4 hours to get supplies from Lifeline. He is taking care of 85 orphans and they all live in tents. Donald and Lifeline are going to try and help him and we gave him a little money. Josh opened the clinic today for at least 6 kids one with a very bad cut. But mostly the things we saw in the village no words can describe . Very overwhelming and my heart is in pieces tonight." - Russ Kegel
Please continue to pray for the Starfish team as they do more work in this poverty stricken country. Pray for the adults and children they will encounter today. Pray that they will hear of Jesus' love for them and know they are not alone in this battle!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Arrival in a new world...

The team arrived safely in Haiti today! While they are so excited to see what God has in store for them, they seem to be shocked at how truly horrible the conditions are in many places. As you'll ready below, the drive from the airport to the Lifeline House was quite an emotional one. I encourage you to look over the photos and comments from the team, and then take another close look at the photos. Every time I've reviewed them, I've noticed more horrifying sights in the back grounds. The beautiful majesty of God's creation of the mountains, but look closely and you realize their are tent cities full of displaced families, covering the mountainside... Ashley

Here is Codie McKellips take on arriving in a new world...

"We got onto our truck which was basically a cage with tin over it to keep the dust out. We all sat in the back and drove an hour and a half to the compound. We went through the worst part of Port-au-Prince and saw all the rubble and tent cities. cows and horses just walking around... Then we passed a tent city on the side of the mountain. The mountains were GORGEOUS and right next to the ocean... It's really amazing what God has created. We went through another poverty stricken area and then a farmer's market. Some people waved and others got mad at us for waving or smiling...

When we were in the midst of the worst of port-au-prince there was a brick wall that ran along one of the tent cities that had graffitti on it that had a picture of praying hands and said:


Once we turned onto Lifeline road where the compound is, we saw all these children that started to yell and run towards the truck and wave at us. They were so excited and precious! The kids would yell "wan wan" which means white; they knew we were here to help them."

"So Glad to be safe at Life Line Ministry Compond Haiti! Very Overwhelming as we arrived to a country like nothing I have ever experienced... We are now in for the night in the mission house. In the distance you can hear the people of the village singing to the most beautiful music. So Thankful for safe travel and for the team I am so honored to be a part of... God is Good :) This little boy was outside the gate as we drove in ..What a smile :) the children got so excited to see us coming with hope and joy of what tomorrow might bring.. Please pray for the people of Haiti and guidance for the Starfish Team. I am blessed and Thankful..." Leigh Ann Kephart

Please pray for the team as they jump in with both feet on Wednesday. They ask that you specifically pray for the children they will meet; open arms and open hearts. Pray for safety and courage as well as strength and endurance. God is doing amazing things!

Thank you for being a part of this trip!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Haiti Bound!

Tonight was a great time of prayer and encouragement for our team leaving for Haiti. A special thanks to all of the friends, family and supporters who came to cover them in prayer before the trip. We know God has great plans for the coming week and we ask fo continued prayers!
The group will be flying out of Nashville early Tuesday morning, and will arrive in Haiti later in the day. Please continue to follow along daily on this incredible journey and join us in supporting the team and the children they will be working with throughout the week.