Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Wednesday, What a WONDERFUL Day!


Today was my birthday and for the first time ever I got to experience giving others something vs. others giving me something. Today we revisited the community where we built yesterday. We cleaned, furnished, and dedicated that house to the family.

It was such an amazing experience to watch this mother and her two daughters rejoice in the fact that they 
actually own something now. That house is always going to be theirs and it looked like they just won the lottery. It was so rewarding when the team looked at that house after completion because each and every one of us could look at a certain part and say “hey I helped with that.”
Around lun
ch time something I saw hit me hard. All the neighbors of the newly built house had come over and started celebrating with the family. They also toured the house. It was such a cool experience because every single child, adult, and all ages in between had taken their shoes off for the 30 seconds they were inside and then put them back on when they got outside. It was eye opening because back home were just so accustom to having an actual home that we couldn’t care less if we walk inside with shoes.
After dedicating the home and praying with everyone we got out b
ags of food we packed last night and broke up into groups of about 5 or 6 people. 3 from our team, 2 translators, and a local to guide us to homes in need. In each bag there were beans, rice, flour, sugar and a bible for the family. It was amazing talking to the families and praying with them about certain things they were struggling with as a family. It was everything from illness, praying for the children, praying for the community, or even praying for marriages. Experiencing that in person so close to the locals like that, words can’t explain the flood of feelings that took over each and every one of us today. It was an amazing day and he best birthday I could ever imagine. God bless you all. 


Tanner Clough

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