Monday, July 16, 2018

Fun Day Monday

Today we went and spent our time at San Martin and Guirola. These two places are both orphanages for special needs children and adults. The love and affection that these people had for us was amazing. At San Martin we interacted with them in all sorts of ways through dancing, making necklaces, balloon animals, and running around with them doing whatever to put a smile on their face. At Guirola the children were in a rougher physical state so we interacted with them by loving on them and by doing whatever we could to bring them joy and happiness.
ven just by pushing them in their wheelchairs you could see their faces glow up. Before we left Guirola we got the chance to feed the children because they were not able to do so on their own. My personal experience during this time was something I will never forget. I got to bring nourishment and provide support for an adorable less fortunate child. My heart ached for the condition he was in but was also filled with love and joy because of what I was providing. 
These less fortunate people bring such a positive attitude even with all of the struggles they go through everyday. Their laughter and smiles are contagious and it is something we will all remember forever.When we got back to the mission house we packaged food to give to the homeless for the second time. My first experience doing this was incredible, seeing how grateful they are for what we do for them is something special.
By never taking anything for granted and by loving and caring for others 
we can make this world a better place a step at a time. This trip so far has been full of laughter, love, and memories. God has allowed us to impact so many individuals lives in such positive ways. We can’t wait to see what the rest of the week has in store for us! Lucas F.

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