Monday, June 7, 2021



The team left Friday. We had lots of issues with the hotel, Uber, airline, etc, but despite all the trouble, we could see God's hand in our travels. We did have one traveler that was joining us from Chicago, who  dealt with flight delays and problems with airlines, but she used her time in the airports to encourage other travelers. 
We all arrived in El Salvador safe and sound!
The Sus Hijos team greeted us with smiles and hugs! 
We headed to the newest Sus Hijos project, The Station States Lifetime! Most of these kids aged out of orphanages and were put out on the streets with no way to feed themselves. Now they are learning a trade in the service industry. 
Saturday night we fed the homeless. It was a humbling experience. We had meals for about 150 people, but it's never enough. We always have to leave with people standing holding their hands out for food. 
Please continue to pray for the team this week! 
-Pray everyone stays healthy so they can get the most work done.
-Pray that God opens doors for them to be able to spread the gospel in multiple orphanages thought the week. 
-Pray for energy Tuesday and Wednesday as they build a home for a family in a rural village and serve the community!

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