Monday, June 14, 2021


Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it. 

Yesterday, the team assembled the house, and it was a blessing to sense that we were a part of something bigger—God’s plan for Rosa and her son, Lorenzo. 

Today was “dedication day.” After a trip to Walmart to buy a few more household supplies for the family.

The next two hours were spent setting up and decorating the inside. If you step in the 200 sq. ft. home, you see a set of bunkbeds and a full bed on the right, all cushioned with handmade mattresses, and dressed with sheets, pillows, and blankets. 

There are Hot Wheels, trucks, bubble tubes, and other toys waiting on the top bunk for Lorenzo. On the left side of the house is a small wooden table with benches on each side. One other seat, a rocking chair, sits in the middle of the room with a small rug at the feet.

The family and some of the team members were tearful as the house was dedicated and prayed for. When called, Lorenzo entered and jumped right up to the top bunk and discovered the toys. But first, he scooted them out of the way and layed tummy down to enjoy his bed, with his face toward the window where we could all watch. When he saw the tubes of bubbles, he yelled excitedly at his mom to show her. 

Tonight, Rosa and her son are sleeping in a clean, dry home of their own. As you think of them, pray for Rosa, pray that she experiences joy and freedom in Christ. You could ask God to help her understand more each day, God’s never-ending, reckless love for her and Lorenzo—that she would know that God sees her.

People from the small community start to gather in the dirt and gravel road next to her house—not really to see her house, but because they know the team will have some food and supplies to share. “Feeding the Community” is the next part of the team’s work for the day. Each family receives prayer before receiving a sack with packages of flour, beans, rice, sugar, and spaghetti. The kids each get a treat bag and some shirts and shoes well given out as well. Polaroid pictures for the families are a part of the afternoon, too.

Tonight, we fed the homeless in the streets of San Salvador—at least as far as 150 bagged meals would go. There are never enough. These homeless folks are not faceless. In fact, several of them are called by name from the sheltered areas in alleys and on streets where they were trying to keep dry and out of the rain. There were many smiles returned to us—genuine, grateful smiles.

It’s fun to do something nice for someone and see them smile.  It’s better to see someone smile at you and see Jesus’ face behind their eyes. All glory to God! Todo sea para la gloria de Dios! 

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