Tuesday, June 8, 2021


 Today was a great day! We started off the morning loading the van with balls, crafts, snacks, shoes and more for the kids we were planning on seeing today. We arrived at CISNA with 21 boys eager to play and be loved on. We divided our team in groups along with boys. Games of futbol and basketball were in full force. The music was blaring and smiles and laughs could be heard all over. Once we needed a break, we brought out large glider airplanes and smaller ones for the boys to play with. They were a hit!! We then gathered the boys for a Bible study skit, passed out new shoes for all of them and a little snack / toy bag for them. 

We said our goodbyes and headed next door to San Martin. This was an emotional hour where we shared stories and planted a tree in memory of Sandra. Kurt and Laura spread her ashes where she spent so many beautiful years of her life. We know in our heart she is now in heaven dancing with Jesus. 

After lunch, we headed to San Vincente del Paul. We were asked to get fully gowned up, with fresh new masks and a face shield. We were able to play with some of the young boys, teen moms and young girls. They loved playing with balloons animals, coloring, jumping rope, jenga and a little futbol. We ended with hugs and some snacks. 

We came back to the mission house to have kings meal tonight. We shared the same food that we hand out to the homeless this evening, hot dogs, chips and cookies. As we started to walk out of the house and loaded the truck, a large rain storm rolled in. God humbled us right from the start. The rain was dumping from the sky from every direction, the wind was blowing and the temperature dropped. He reminded us that we were fortunate again to come back to a dry, warm bed and clothes. This evening was so special. We were able to pray over many people. While it was heart breaking to see familiar faces, passed out over 150 meals and warm coffee. 

Monday was a wonderful start to the week and we're excited to see what else God has in store for our team.


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