Thursday, June 10, 2021


Our third day started with loading the trucks at the mission house with a collaboration of efforts from our own Team, the Sus Hijos Team, and the transition house. After loading the trucks with all the necessary materials to construct a home, we loaded the busses and headed on our way. With only one stop on our 3 hour journey and an early start to the day, we were able to arrive at the building site early in the morning to greet the community. With plans to only build a house, we ended up converting the plot of land to much more than just a house. 

As we arrived, we were greeted by the soon to be home-owners. With humility and courage they were excited for the work we were soon to do. After a brief prayer, we began to start our project. We started out by clearing the debris and overgrown vegetation. We followed by unloading all of our equipment and proceeded to begin our construction for the day. Within just three short hours, we were able to lay the foundation and set the floor boards. After a brief lunch break, the team was able to erect the walls and begin the roofing for the home. 

What an amazing feeling being able to provide not only a home for one family, but a sense of community for the neighboring area. Finishing day one of our project ended with the completion of the exterior areas of the house. Walls were painted and solar powered lights were installed as well as and rain collection system. 

Shortly after, the team loaded up our equipment and boarded the busses to head back to the mission house. After the long day under the sun, we were able to hydrate and share stories on the way back to San Salvador. 

Upon returning to the city, we celebrated our team efforts and bonding through a well deserved dinner at the States Diner. With a new perspective we found more appreciation for the food that gave us the energy to return to the mission house to set our equipment up for the next day.

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