Wednesday, June 12, 2013

San Martin Day!

We had a blessed day ministering, or should I say playing with the least of these at the San Martin adult special needs center. We had so many old faces to reacquaint with and new residents to meet. We played music and danced, face painted, and the residents made hats as a craft. God, I love these people, but I don't understand why their minds and bodies are broken. Truly, these are the least of these.

After San Martin we went to the community of Suchitoto to visit the Hernandez Ayala family. This is the family that Starfish built a home for last year. The house is in great condition and the family is doing much better than this time last year. The mother is working part time and the girls are in school but they are still in extreme poverty. We all pitched in a little something to meet their needs since it was a surprise visit. I complain so much that my shed is too small for my lawn equipment and this whole family of 3 lives in a 10x20ft home.

To finish the day we stopped by the children's. Aids Orphanage. There were so many new kids there affected by this disease and they had no control over it. We played with them, Brian shared a bible story, then juice & snacks followed by a toy for each child. The government will not allow us to take pictures of he children, but the memories we've made will last a lifetime. It's only after I leave this place that I cry. It's just not fair. God, poor out your healing spirit on these precious children.  In Jesus, Amen. ~ George L. Fields

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