Monday, June 3, 2013

Day 3- Simple Joys

Today we spent the day at San Martin and the AIDS orphanage. San Martin is a special needs center run by the government. The "kids" at San Martin are actually adult age but we refer to them as kids because of their childlike personalities. 
When we toured the center the caretakers showed us the arts and crafts buildings. Here the kids are taught to sew and make piƱatas (all out of recycled material) in an effort to become self sustaining and cover the excess costs other than the money granted from the government.

We painted faces, made balloon animals, and got down to some Micael Jackson! The Salvadorians sure can dance! And hey, we Gringos can bust a move too. Jonas showed off his hip hop dancing skills and Kenny fist pumped to skillet.

It always surprises me how friendly and loving the San Martin kids are. They are ecstatic when you give them something as simple as a balloon and equally as happy just to spend time with us and give us hugs. I always leave San Martin with a fuzzy feeling in my heart from all of the love and appreciation those kids give me. Who ever said those who serve receive the biggest blessing was spot on.

At the AIDs orphanage we played games, sang songs, and made crafts. You can tell that the caretakers look after the kids because they all had neat hair and clean clothing. We were able to give out pairs of flip flops to all of the kids. It was a great end to an awesome day!

-Lily Douthitt

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