Monday, June 10, 2013


I may have to wait until I get back home for real reflection on all this, because everything's just kind of a blur right now. 
        Today I was struck, first hand, by the contrast between the contentment of poverty and the agitation of financial success.  We saw this family who were just thrilled with a tiny, three-room house with an outhouse.  Some others do nothing but complain about the problems caused by their blessings.  They buy a fifty thousand dollar car and then whine about how much their insurance costs.  Then I wonder, if these poorest of the poor were someday not poor, would they get caught up in the same petty concerns?  Maybe they only way to be really content with what you have is just to not have anything in the first place.      Brian

We went to the village today, near Ahuachapan to work on the house that the team last week had worked SO hard on.  We worked until the early afternoon, and then we left and went to a new orphanage, that we had never taken a group to before.  The team loved spending time with the boys and we hope to build a relationship with this orphanage.  It housed 400 boys at one time, but now only has about 30.  There were some tears shed when we left.

The new concrete mixer that the last team was able to purchase for Sus Hijos!
Lots of new friendships started today!  Lots of perspective gained! Tuesday we are going to San Martin to visit our friends at the Special Needs Center, then maybe to Suchitoto to visit the family that we built the home for last July, and back to see the amazing kids at the Aids center!  Please pray for our team as we serve God through serving those in need!

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