Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Day 3 - Ahuachapan

The day started at around 7 when we rolled our semi-achy bodies out of bed. After our daily delicious breakfast we jumped into the bus, Ahuachapán or bust. As we headed out of the city and into more rural countryside, buildings and traffic were traded for farmland, shacks, and fruit stands. Pretty soon it felt like we were getting some off road fury action as we hit bumps and snags on the uneven road; thankfully our bus driver Jose had our back and we arrived at the construction site safe and sound.

A few Salvadorians were already hard at work with most of the concrete brick walls already standing. My first duty was digging, we needed to remove 6 inches of dirt from the inside of the house. After about 20 minutes I was fairly certain I would be dead within the hour, thankfully I survived. But in all seriousness, it was definitely hard work and made me appreciate how hard people have to work for a house that we would consider more of a shed or garage in the states. It certainly puts things in perspective.

As the day progressed, we gringos laid bricks, dug, dug, and dug some more, mixed concrete, and sweated…a lot. Of course even though the work was hard, the company was great and practical jokes kept the mood light. Overall it was an awesome day and really helped me appreciate all that I have back home. Not only that, but understanding it has nothing to do with what I’ve done or what I’ve earned but God’s overwhelming blessings on my life and his unending grace.

- Claire Douthitt 


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