Friday, June 7, 2013

El Salvador - Day 5

Today started with a delicious breakfast around seven this morning, lots of pineapple, watermelon, and various other breakfast-like things. Then, we loaded up for our last day in Ahuachapán. Today, our mission in terms of the house was to complete the last section of roofing, concrete the floors, and most importantly to dig out a direct, level path from the door of the house, down an incline of the property, and onto the street. Over the duration of the day, we were able to accomplish all of these tasks, save finalizing the roofing. 
We then split up into groups and carried rice and beans throughout the village and gave food to members of the church who were in need. We walked to the entrances of their properties and introduced ourselves, at which point they invited us inside. We told them why we were llthere; to show them that God has brought us there to give them hope and to reinforce their faith in Him. We told them that we have come to present them with two gifts from the grace of God. One, being the food; enough to feed a nuclear family for a week. Two, being that we would pray for the needs of the family. After we had delivered all of the bags and finished paving the floors of the house we headed back to the house. Ryan and Orsy rode in the back of the truck like usual, because they are best friends. The rest of the team hit up the JosĂ© train and rode the bus. 
Once we got back to the house, we ate a ¡muy delicioso! meal made by our very own Kameron Ackermann, consisting of soft shell tacos and tortilla soup. After dinner, we formed an assembly line and prepared 184 bags of food for the homeless. Following this, we shortly celebrated Kenny's birthday, and we headed out to feed His children. We loaded up the truck and ventured out into the streets of El Salvador, feeding the homeless citizens, until all the food was gone. 
Now, we haves returned and it is time to turn in for much needed rest. 

by: Ryan Murt 

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