Monday, July 26, 2021

Sunday, a full day of service & worship!

We started our morning worshiping with the men and women of El Salvador. We had prepared a song to sing in Spanish and I am not going to lie, we sounded a little less than desirable at all 3 practice sessions.  When we arrived they were already singing praise and worship hymns and most of us In the group were unable to sing along, yet somehow, I have never heard more beautiful singing in all my life.  The passion, the praise, the authenticity of the moment.  (Psalm 86:9) All the nations you have made will come and worship before you, Lord;  they will bring glory to your name.  Next it was our turn, we had our handouts with the words and we also had our nervous jitters until God worked it all out and not only did we sound decent, but they were able to sing along and raise their hands and close their eyes and somehow amidst our mediocre rendition, beautiful happened.  

“Aqui estas Te venmos mover” 

“You are here moving in this place” 

He really is our Way Maker, Miracle Worker, Light in the Darkness! 
Next we took the kids in the church and led a children’s church for them. Riley, Nathaniel, Edward, and Anthony taught them how Paul encouraged his crew in a storm and ship wreck.  Jolaina and Rachel  introduced a fun craft for the children and the rest of us sang and danced with them.  
After worship we enjoyed a tasty dinner from Pollo Campero and from there we headed to the beautiful park called Cuscatlan. 
Then it was lunch at Pollo Compero! 
After lunch we headed back to the mission house to meet up with those staying at the transition house.  We all went to Dreamland!  We divided into teams consisting of translators, our team and a transition house member.  We all enjoyed our time together there.  It was so much fun.  We played laser tag, rode rides, and played games....  

We soon headed back to enjoy a great dinner at the house. After dinner we broke off into groups of guys and girls for a time of devotion and Bible study.  It was such a blessed day.  While dinner was being prayed over one of the translators said, “Isn’t it just amazing that there are no language barriers when God is amongst us!”.... and as I looked around the room at all the different people from all walks of life, countries, cities and states...laughing, fist-bumping, patting each other on the back, standing in line to eat together, joy was abundant and I realized that she was exactly right!


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