Thursday, July 29, 2021

Wednesday; A beautiful day dedicating the home to the family...

Today is house dedication day. We started off by loading up the bus with food and donations for the community where the house is located. 
Then made a quick stop to buy supplies for the family.

Back at the homesite we cleaned and moved in the furniture and supplies.


We dedicated the house and the family was so happy
 and grateful to have a safe home.

After the house dedication we spent time praying with families in the 
community and handing out the food and donations.

At the end of two long hard days we left with a sense of thankfulness that God 
used us to bless a family and community, and for showing his grace and mercy 
by holding off the rain until we were finished!

Then it was back to the mission house for a little rest, worship, and celebration with the house missionaries, David and Valerie, before their return trip to the states. 

We closed the evening by serving the homeless. The need is overwhelming but once again we're grateful that God is giving us an opportunity to help in some way.

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