Monday, July 26, 2021

Movin & Grovin for the Lord on a Monday!

 Today started early with everyone getting on the bus at 8:00am. We went to our first orphanage and started off with our skit. Afterwards, we all went outside and played soccer, basketball, and water balloons. 

While everyone was playing games a missionary named Rocky led an older group, warning them about the danger of drugs. We wrapped up by making arts and crafts and giving the kids their gifts. The kids faces lit up when the saw the gifts! 
We finished at that orphanage by buying a table of art that they made. This helped support their art program. 

Next we all went to the biggest of the States Dinners. We had all underestimated the size of the food! It was GINORMUS! 

Once we all finished eating we went to the second orphanage. We brought them soccer balls, sidewalk chalk, and other crafts. The kids were so exited about all of these things especially when some of them got piggy back rides! When everyone was done playing we preformed the skit for the children. 

We also gavethem a gift bag and a stuffed animal. When we were done we said goodbye and went to their gift shop.

Before leaving, we went to talk to the director about their hygiene. 
Finally we finished our evening by feeding the homeless.

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