Wednesday, July 28, 2021

It's time to build a house y'all!

Today was the most challenging day but it was also so rewarding. We started off the day by loading all the walls and supplies to build the house, which went pretty quickly this year. On the way to the site we got to stop at a gas station which made some team members  super excited  because the snacks here are so flavorful and tasty! 

Once we got to the location we had to travel up and down muddy hills and rocks to get to where we needed to build the house which had its fair share of falls and struggles. Building the house(s) is always challenging but it feels so good to be doing something for those in need and testing our own strength. 



Everyone in our group and the volunteers from Sus Hijos put in 110% today and never gave up even when it felt impossible to get the house finished. The group worked so well together and the whole time the family we were building the house for was watching us and smiling. For me personally I saw how strong I can be and I pushed myself harder than ever have and it felt amazing. 

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