Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Changing Lives, Restoring Family!

October 6th in El Salvador

What a great day to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We took a short bus ride to a place to build a house for a family with 10 children and their 73 year old grandfather! The main reason we are blessing this family is because of their extreme poverty and the government has placed 4 of their children in a government controlled orphanage because of this poverty. This families desire is to have all their children at home together and we are trying to make that happen.

The house to be built is actually on top of a mountain and the only way up is to climb a continuous zigzag path about 300 feet up! All supplies and tools had to be carried to the top of the mountain! We were introduced to the family and then we prayed as we started the project. 

It was pure joy to work with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ that has the same mind set as Christ and that is to help others in their time of need. We were a true Matthew 25:35-40 ministry today. 

The missionary's team is well organized and are willing to stop and help you in a moments notice! The girls of the house picked oranges that grow on top of the mountain for us. We also played with their little boy Mauricio who laughed and giggled all day. He just reminded me of all my grandchildren and how and how much I miss them and I recognize just how blessed they are.

This poverty stricken family has one thing no one can take from them and that is love and they have plenty of it. And I think I speak for the whole team when I say we all honesty fell in love with them also! Love knows no language barriers. We were called to go and change our world today. We may not make a great impact on a lot of people but we made a difference for this family! We thank you all for your support and your continued prayers. 

In Christ George L. Fields

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