Tuesday, October 6, 2015

And We Danced and Dance and Danced!

We began our morning with a quick meeting after breakfast. Amy shared something the Lord put on her heart. She explained how can see firsthand how "things" can make us feel empty. Many people in El Salvador have very little, but they do have to joy that comes with serving the Lord. 

We drove to Cipi, an orphanage for young boys and teen mothers and their babies. We played soccer with the boys (and lost!) and we painted nails (and didn't do that perfectly!) and we lightened the arms of some young mothers for a few hours. 

After Cipi, we went to States Diner for lunch. It was great food that reminded us of home, smiling servers, and a very positive place to have a meal.

Our final outing was to Guirola. It's an orphanage for special needs children. We visited everyone in their rooms, and helped feed those with physical differences that make eating difficult. In each "class" and "bedroom" the children were SO excited to see us, and all they could talk about was the party we would have. For the party everyone met in the cafeteria, and we played and danced... and danced, and danced, and danced. The workers (Tia's) at Guirola were infinitely patient with the kids, and there were smiles all around.

After a great dinner of chicken and veggies, we worked on more preparations for Day of the Child.
Please continue to pray for our team!

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