Monday, October 5, 2015

How Did We Get Here?

Today was a blessed day! 

First we went to church
George spoke , and shared with the wonderful congregation!
Then some of us helped lead the games for their Day of the Child Celebration!

Briana shared a Bible story.

Then we drove for an hour and a half to spend time with these orphaned boys!
Some of the boys painted airplanes and some painted their knees!

We played whiffle ball!

We loved spending time with these boys! 

After lunch we headed out to our destination, of a boys orphanage. 

We had miniature airplanes for them to paint. We told them that because God loves them so much that he guided all of us from so far away, together on an airplane and come here to share His love for them!

Lastly tonight we went out and fed the homeless! It was another humbling experience!  We now see exactly how blessed we are! 

Thanks for following our trip!


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