Wednesday, October 7, 2015

God said go climb that mountain!

What an amazing day with an amazing team.  At devotion as we started the day, we discussed psalms 127:1.  Except the Lord build the house they labor in vain that build it!  

We worked together to tackle the mountain that God put before us.  Every single step taken could cause a fall or be the wrong move.  The path was narrow and had obstacles, but that's the way life is sometimes.  But God was in charge. 

But along the journey that Mountain God sent us up was such beautiful handy work he had done. Many beautiful plants to show us his mighty work. 

This house that God sent us to build is the entire world of these children.  

We got to give them a ball and spend time playing with them. We blessed the house and prayed for the family. 

We were able to furnish the house and give them some small gifts, and food. 

Then we were able to take food, and pray for members of a community in need.  We took a bag of masa, bag of beans, bag of rice, and a small bag of sugar.  For many people here this is more food than they are used to getting at one time. They feel so blessed to see us. We feed not only the body, but we also try to feed the soul. 

When we were praying with the families some of them also wanted to pray for us. One man gave us a scripture, Psalms 91. It talks about God taking care of us. We travel 4,500 miles to minister to others and God gives us a message to let us know that he cares for us. 

So if you feel God has a mountain for you to climb he will equip you. Another way God can equip you is with other Christians. He will send words and encouragement for others.  And he will use you to bless others if you will follow God's urging. 

Today we made an impromptu visit to a rural school in an impoverished community! The smiles on the children's faces when we passed out treat bags were priceless!

But the way all of us can help is by praying for Starfish and the work they do at home, as well as in other countries.

But none of this can happen if People don't give to help this mission. Without the funds given to help others none of this could be done.  

My God is An Awesome God, and Loving Father. 

Joe D Millay 
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