Thursday, October 8, 2015

Day of Joy

Today was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL Day our Amazing God made here in El Salvador.  We started our day at San Martin, an adults special needs center.  Together our team provided numerous pairs of underwear for the facility. 
Our group got to meet and pray with some of our friends that don't normally get to celebrate with us.  After our visits we set up a dance party for all of the adults with special needs.  As soon as the music turned on smiles formed from one ear to the other with joy.  They began to pick up the pace and run toward the music with laughter.  Everyone there loved the interaction and dancing because no matter how old or what challenges they face, these people are still kids at heart.  Dancing the morning away our team learned many new and interesting dance moves.  As a trade off, we taught them to whip and na-na, while they taught us chuchiwah.  We also discovered new talents in our team.  We have many artist among us.  With lines of excitement from our friends, we painted faces, arm, etc.  As sad as it was, the party had to come to an end. 
We loaded the bus and headed once again to the States Diner where we met up with new friends from another government center, that we fell in love with. After lunch we took our friends bowling where we spent time laughing and bonding together.  Everyone supported each other even if we didn't hit any pins.  God's love filled the entire bowling area.  Leaving is never easy but we said our goodbye and headed to the mission house to eat dinner and prepare 216 meals to feed to homeless.   It's been raining hard all evening so we went ahead and loaded the truck and went on.  This is always such a humbling experience and never gets easy.  So far this year Sus Hijos teams have fed just over 7000 homeless.  We would love your help so we can double that number in 2016.  #lovehispeeps

Serving our Lord
Kinzie & Amy

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