Tuesday, March 10, 2020

PTHS Monday, Meeting new friends...

Today we  had the opportunity to go to two orphanages. One was for special needs adults, it was called San Martin.  The other was for special needs kids, Guerolla. At the orphanages we got to play with the kids, paint their nails, paint their faces, and give them treat bags as we left.  The treat bags consisted of a teddy bear, a snack and a couple pieces of candy.  This little bag meant the world to these kids, but to us it doesn’t seem like much.  To me this shows the differences in our two cultures.

At the first orphanage we got to tour the houses, approximately 8 kids lived in each one with only one caregiver and a lot of them require 24/7 care.  The houses had a couple rooms and a main living room. The living conditions to us would seem like living in a shack but by the standards here it’s a rather nice place to stay. 

Many of the kids at the second orphanage were in wheelchairs. They found happiness when we rolled them around in their wheelchairs. Small acts of kindness to these kids change their day, or their week, or maybe even their month. We take a lot of daily things for granted such as being able to flush toilet paper which is not something that can be done here. Being in El Salvador provides me with a different perspective and makes me realize just how lucky I truly am. Today made me feel sad for the kids but made me happy because I knew I was making an impact in their life. - Frannie Hideg

Feeding the homeless was an unforgettable experience. There were people that had nothing but the clothes on their backs sleeping on sidewalks. When little children ran towards the truck it brought tears to everyone’s eyes. Seeing firsthand that we were making a difference here was truly life-changing. - Madeline Strenge

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