Wednesday, March 11, 2020

A BIG Tuesday for PTHS

Today was a very eye opening day.  We traveled to a school about 3 hours away, and it was amazing.  The children had never seen Americans, and were thrilled to see us. I picked up a little girl and the look in her eyes was unforgettable. I told her she was mi mejor amiga (my best friend).  A huge smile lit up on her face and she replied with sí sí. It was the most heartwarming thing i have ever seen.  The love I have acquired for the children and the people here is indescribable.  My favorite part of the trip so far has been the gracious smile I get to see on the face of every person I meet. I don’t ever want to leave but I can’t wait to tell everyone about all the amazing people and experiences I have had in the beautiful country of El Salvador. Thank you for your time. Adios!!! - Amya Kendric


Today was muy bien.  I really enjoyed getting to take people bowling and I could tell they really enjoyed it.  I met a lot of people and learned all about them.  I also really enjoyed getting to go to a school a couple hours outside of El Salvador. It was the first time they had met Americans and they were not shy at all. With the translators help I was able to learn all about what the different people liked to do and what a typical day was like for them. We also had a very fun game of soccer with kids of all ages. After dinner, we went out in San Salvador and fed the homeless which as always was a very eye-opening experience. It can be extremely sad to feed the homeless because the majority of the time they only have the clothes on their backs and without us would not get a meal for weeks possibly. It also makes you appreciate everything you have because you see just how little some of the others in the world have. - Ben LeBuhn

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