Sunday, November 24, 2019

Saturday in Brazil

This is Family

Our trip really started when we pulled out of the parking lot in Paducah at 8 AM. After several hours of travel, we hit the ground running. We left straight from the airport to head into a community. The team came to pick us up from the airport, and one had a shirt that said “This Is Family." This really sums up our personal families and the work that we are doing here in Brazil. 
We are all part of God‘s family. 
We first dropped off all of the ministry items and food for donation and cooking at the church. This was very important because this is a community that is placed on a very steep hill! After we dropped things off at the church and caught our breath, we went out to walk around and invite people to church. This was a really good opportunity to see where the kids and parents that we serve live. In the church, we had cooking classes for the adults, and the kids were divided up by age group. Part of our team spent time with each of the groups. After the morning session left, we washed dishes and cleaned up to get ready for the afternoon group.
In the afternoon, we shared the story of Esther. We taught how God can use anyone at any age. While some of us shared that story, the rest were making snacks for the next community we would visit. It was very hot, but we definitely cooled off when we got drenched in the rain going back to the bus!
Our final stop was another community where we handed out candy, popcorn, and the snacks that we had made. We visited different houses that the Brazilian 
team has been building relationships with for years. 
We boarded the bus to head home, and we all fell sound asleep. It was a long day, but we are so blessed to be a part of what God is doing through the team here. 
When we got back to our host house, we had a great home-cooked meal of lasagna and are working to plan what we will do at church tomorrow.

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