Wednesday, November 27, 2019

A Wednesday of Weeding in the Garden!

Today we worked on the farm.  We had choices, but all of us chose the gardens. 
There’s something about helping to raise food that will feed hungry people!  
There may have been some tomato plants that were mistaken for weeds, so not sure that they will want us there again, but we enjoyed the hard work!
Tonight we drove back to Campinas to have church again. We went on home visits first, inviting people to church. Brazilians are typically VERY hospitable, everyone wants to feed us or gove us coffee, even if it leaves them with not enough. It was raining like cats and dogs. Actually it was raining so hard that the cats and dogs weren’t even anywhere to be found. Many children and adults walked to church in the pouring rain. 
They must REALLY want to be there! They feel loved in this place, that’s what draws them in!
We worked with children, and teen girls mostly tonight. We made pictures of everyone, printed them out and gave them to the kids. It was as we’d given them a treasure! 
We are so blessed to be able to walk alongside our ministry friends, loving on children here!

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