Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Tuesday was another blessed day!

 We returned to one of the communities that we went to on Saturday when we first arrived in Brazil.
 It was great for the whole team to see familiar faces, and lots of new ones too! 
 A couple of us talked to the women’s class and shared with them about how Jesus is enough, even in the hard times. Then others chopped food for the cooking class, while some helped with the children. After lunch for the second children’s class, three of us put in a skit, and it was lots of fun! We played Mary, Martha and Jesus, and encouraged the kids to focus on God and not to “sweat the small stuff”!
We took photos of each of the children as they came in, and printed them out. We had the kids make foam frames as a craft, and then they put their photos in the frames.  They were beyond thrilled to have pictures of themselves. 
 After the second round of Bible studies, we went to visit homes in that community.  Most of the homes we visited had dirt floors, and sheets for doors. When we asked how we could pray for them, most everyone asked for health and protection for their families, not for nicer houses, not for a car, not for more money. They really want to feed their children and have them healthy.  So many people that have healthy children with full bellies, aren’t thankful enough for that. 
Thanksgiving is this week, please remember to be truly thankful for these things!

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