Saturday, October 12, 2019

Thursday... National Children's Day

Today, the best place in the world was San Salvador, El Salvador!  Day of the Child is a celebration of children most commonly celebrated by parents for their children.  Today we had the honor of helping Starfish and Sus Hijos celebrate 400 children including 47 special needs adults. All together there were over 500 people including the care givers and volunteers from 20 orphanages and clinics. They came
 from as far as over an hours drive to attend.  So many lives touched today. 
We celebrated at Dream Land which is a 3 story children’s paradise with arcade games, mini carnival rides, zip lines and laser tag to name a few of the activities. 

Our Starfish team helped Sus Hijos volunteers during the event. We made and handed out over 400 snow cones. We also made lots and lots of bags of popcorn and helped with other fun stations for the children such balloon twisting and face painting stations.   

The kids Played games and rode rides for 2 hours and then had lunch. 

We started with lines of hundreds of children  with happy and excited faces the came through the doors. They were ready to give hugs and thank yous.  

For most this was the first time they have ever seen anything like it.  They were quick to figure out the games playing one, then running to the next.  This experience may well be a once in a life time for many.  It was such a blessing to follow along with one then another as they played games. 
 For lunch we passed out meals and a drink to each. Several times the kids would reach out to get our attention so they could look us in the eye to say gracias.  How precious.  

As they left, each was given a gift.  In return there were lots of hugs, expressions of gratitude and fist bumps with the guys!  

Neither the kids or the volunteers will ever forget this day.  Our team is humbled at how good God is.  Truly we saw and felt Faith, Hope, and Love, but above all Love.

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