Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Tuesday in El Salvador

Our morning began with beautiful weather and a prayer from Kurt. We traveled to Moraga, a Catholic orphanage which houses approximately 20 girls ranging from age 14 -22.  We had the honor of spending several hours with these bright young ladies, laughing, talking singing songs and decorating Bibles. We provided crafts and individual photos that were taken during our time together, to create beautiful covers for the Bible’s  we brought them. 
 We had lunch at McDonalds, which wasn’t much like McDonalds in the US. Then we traveled to Santa Anna to spend time with approximately 28 young men and women. We sang songs of prayer with a feeling of welcome and acceptance as various staff and students displayed their dancing skills. The team then presented a play. Afterward the instructor discussed and related their current issues within the class. The students were all extremely grateful for our visit.  Our team was so appreciative and humbled to meet these young people, that it was overwhelming.

 (Again today, photos were not allowed at the centers we visited.)

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