Thursday, October 10, 2019

Wednesday in El Salvador

Today has by far been my favorite. We went to San martins and danced with the special needs adults for awhile. They were so happy that we were all there and got to dance with them. The smile on their face when they ran up to hug us was the sweetest thing ever. I have never seen so much joy in one place. All they wanted to do was have a dance party. I couldn’t even keep the girls to sit still when I was painting their nails because they kept turning towards the music. Their eyes lit up when they saw we had face paint, almost everyone was in line for it.  
Gloria, one of the ladies in the facility wanted her picture taken with everyone. I mean everyone, and if she didn’t want you in her picture she would push you out. It was the funniest thing. When we had a music session, I was trying to make sure everyone had a musical instrument to play with. And there was one boy who would take the instrument right out of the other peoples hand as I would place it in. 
Next we went to a teen boys orphanage, this was surprisingly my favorite place. We played every sport you can imagine with these boys. We sang a little as well as preformed our world renown play for the boys. One of the boys, Nelson, was very smitten by me.  I spent about an hour with him teaching him english with the help of our amazing translators.  The game started out with just him having to talk in English and me having to talk only in Spanish to each other.
 By the time we had to leave, we had about five or six boys with us trying to learn English.  It was so much fun.  The group of boys had so many bold and different personalities. We gave the boys each a toy, and Nelson picked a farri toy car because that was he very favorite car, as I was leaving he came up to me and said “for you” and gave me his toy. I will forever cherish this toy car. 

Next we had dinner at the mission house, then our team along with the sus Hijos team packed over 100 bags to feed the homeless. We then headed out on a rainy night for a humbling experience. I didn’t think I’d enjoy feeding the homeless but it’s incredible knowing you were about to  provide food to someone who could have been praying about where their next meal would come from.

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