Monday, July 1, 2019

Sunday in El Salvador

We started our day at church. We are so blessed to have a church that welcomes us with open arms. They have a strong community in the church. One of the members was not able to attend because she was ill, and the pastor asked that we pray for her. What an encouragement to visit a church family that is so close-knit!
At church we got the opportunity to work with the children. We talked about faith. Just like the wind that we cannot see or describe well, but can feel and see it move things... we have faith in God. 
We can’t see His face, but we can feel Him and see Him move.

After lunch at Pollo Campero, a local favorite restaurant. We then went to visit an orphanage for boys ages 11-17. These boys LOVE to play sports, and they play with everything they have. Basketball is a full contact sport! When we arrived at the center, the boys kept their distance and didn’t warm to us immediately. After playing soccer, baseball, and basketball we were all much closer. When it began to rain, it was the perfect time to go inside and share a message with them.

To finish our day, we led bible study with the kids in the transition houses. We shared with them that they can move on from their past, and be secure they have a future.


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