Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Monday in El Salvador

Today we started our day at the warehouse and loaded supplies for the house we will begin construction on tomorrow.  We then traveled to visit children in a special needs orphanage.  Kimberly shared a story about how God’s spirit is like the wind. We can’t see it but we can feel it and it is always with us. After that the kids colored a pinwheel and we helped them assemble them.  It was fun watching their faces as they figured out how to blow on the pinwheels to make them spin.  We helped the tias feed the kids before we left and of course passed out treat bags.

It was then back to States Diner for lunch where we had fish tacos, steak tacos and chicken tacos. We recommend all of them! They were delicious!

We then went to the adult special needs center.  This is such a fun place to visit because they are always happy!  We had a big dance party and Kimberly shared her story again.  Victor prayed with the residents and one of them prayed for us. As I stood there watching, it was easy for me to see that God is in their hearts!  It is always very emotional because I know they don’t get to leave the facility often, and for some of them never, but this small time allows us to bring the outside world to them.

Tonight we're looking forward to sharing God's love with the homeless 

as we pass out food to those living in the streets of San Salvador. 

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