Thursday, July 4, 2019

A Wonderful Wednesday...

Move In Day! 

 This morning as we prepared to move the family we built the house for yesterday into their new home, I reflected on a conversation I had with another missionary. We discussed how this house was built on cornerstones, much like a life for Jesus must be built on Him, the Precious Cornerstone. We discussed that a house and a life built on cornerstone is strong and does not easily crumble.


 As we moved the new beds, dining table, a rocking chair, and personal items into the home, we watched the family respond with an enormous amount of gratitude to God! It was easy to see that these lives were built on Jesus, the Precious Cornerstone, as well!

 We prayed for the family and the home and then the home was dedicated all to the Glory of God! 
   After the dedication, we ate lunch, prepared items to give out to the surrounding community, and went to visit another site where Sus Hijos was building a concrete duplex for two more families.

  We returned to our building site where we were able to bless 35 other families with food, glasses, clothes, bibles and treat bags. We laid our hands on these families and prayed for specific prayers they had along with health and protection. 

  The families were very grateful and the children lit up when they saw what they were being blessed with! We were grateful to be just a little hint of hope for them by being obedient to God and letting Him work through us!

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