Saturday, February 17, 2018

Festival Fun! 

Today our team had the privilege of traveling to a community full of people with big hearts and great love for each other. We threw a festival and had tables set up with crafts, tattoos, stickers, and a group to play sports. I peeled back many tattoos and applied many stickers and it was such a simple gesture, but the amount of happiness this simple gesture brought to those kids was truly amazing! After all the fun, we set up a table and hundreds of people lined up to receive clothes, shoes, and toys. It created such a good feeling to be able to help the needs of these families and start a better life for them. Last, what impacted me the most, was walking around the community and being able to hand the families bags of rice, beans, and the needs to cook them. As we prayed for the comfort, safety, and health of these families I realized how blessed I really am. Today we changed these families, but they truly changed us even more. -Maddie HarrisToday was my favorite day out of this trip so far. I met this little boy named Jefferson last year when we came to Ahuacap√°n to build a home for a family. He lived right across from it with his mother, older sister, and 3 week old sister. Jefferson and I instantly had a bond even though I can’t really communicate with him. We played games together, chased each other, watched his baby sister sleep in a makeshift crib, do crafts together; basically everything. He was glued to my hip.

When it was time to leave that day, he told me he loved me and I said I will see you next year. He cried so much; I had never felt so attached to someone so quick. It was heartbreaking and so I gave him a bracelet to remind him of me and he gave me a picture he drew. I had hope that I would actually see him again this year.

So, today was the day we went to their village for the festival. I had absolutely no idea if I’d get to see my little friend again. I have been praying about it this whole week, and I even brought a picture of us two from last year to give to him. As soon as I walked through the gates to the festival, I saw his mom. I immediately said, “Oh my god, that’s Jefferson.” I dropped my backpack and ran towards him. I was so shocked and excited to see him. Jefferson couldn’t even look at me at first because he was crying on his mother’s leg so hard. He had missed me that much.

I gave Jefferson’s mother the picture of us and she was so grateful. We spent the rest of our day together. Doing what we always do, playing games, laughing, chasing each other-I’ll never forget these moments. It was truly the best day ever, and he’ll be in my heart forever. - Chanyng Floyd

Today was a day filled with lots of smiles and laughter. I spent my day at the festival applying tattoos and playing soccer with all of the kids. I have met so many beautiful faces that I will not forget. The littlest things made these guys days and I’m so blessed to be apart of it. This trip has taught me to count my blessing and many more. I can’t wait to come back next year.

-Sophie Cook

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