Saturday, February 17, 2018

City on a Hill

Today has been a day with laughter and joy, but also lots of tears. We put the finishing touches on the houses, and we decorated the houses, with complete surprise to the families. We have spent the past 2 days with these families, and not only have they touched my heart, but I can tell that the team as an entirety has had emotional bonding to community. They have shown us how blessed we are and how grateful we should be, just by their actions. Some people would say that we have blessed them with material items, but honestly, they have blessed more than any item or amount of money ever could. The dedication of the houses was so touching, and it made me realize how much you can impact someone in such little time. Today will be a day that will always live in my memories, and I can not wait to see what God has in store for us tomorrow meeting all new kids at the festival, as well as the activities planned for the rest of the week. 
-Makayla Brindley
Today was an absolutely amazing experience for myself and for the entire group. Watching Our Savior’s presence was truly mind-blowing, and to see the impact, hope, and love can have on such a precious community was heartwarming. I got very close to an 11 year old boy named Andres who spoke major volumes to me throughout the day. We were dancing, laughing, playing games, and he even was my mentor for Spanish, which I am very weak in. He kept repeating to me, “Mi favorite amigo y mi hermano.” This means “My favorite friend and my brother.” After I had a translator tell me what he was saying, I grew very close to Andres. Day 2 was extremely special to see the smiles on the faces of the families as they received their homes. It was so awesome seeing their expressions and knowing that the look they gave was because of you. 
-Cannon LaFont
Today has been one of the biggest days for blessing that we have here this week. Today we dedicated a record breaking 5 houses, that were built in one day, to 5 deserving families. It was a time of laughter and playing, but brought many tears as well. We started the day off by fully furnishing those 5 houses with a bed for each person, a table & chairs, a rocking chair, and kitchen supplies. After we had a cookout with the community and shared laughs over a few hot dogs and bags of chips. We got time for fellowship with the families and soccer games with the kids. Continuing our day we went to each house to bless them. There we prayed over the families and shared some beautiful memories of the house building. The family I️ got to dedicate the house too had recently lost a father and husband and were longing for some help. God answered the prayers of the family as they had been praying for something good for a long time. I’m glad our group were the ones to bring this blessing to these wonderful families. They may not have much, but they sure have hearts in pursuit of God. I️ think I️ Speak for everyone when I️ say we are the blessed ones.
-Delaney Darland

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