Saturday, May 6, 2017

Saying goodbye is never easy...

As we prepare to say farewell, we don't say goodbye to all. We are taking some of the kids on a trip. 
We give hugs and handshakes and some tears are shed as we see friends and family parting.  
We are taking some of the kids from the Beyond Ugonda Children's Home to the city!  We told them it's a long ride and we will have dinner. 
We took them to the Ugandan Cultural Center for a dinner show about their culture. 
First we got to enjoy sitting with them on the bus, enjoying lunch along the way. It wound up being about a five hour trip. They got to see everything on the way. 
They got to go through a huge buffet!  And then were treated to songs and dance.  Tonight they get to sleep in a HUGE bed. And sleep in the motel and have breakfast here. This is something without support of Starfish and the ministry we are partnering with here Beyond Ugonda these kids could never do. 
Your praying is most important. But we also must have supplies donated. Erin gave art classes and did a great job. Her student is going to continue the class!  We could really use art supplies and there are still kids without clothes.
But everything takes money as well. Please pray that God will continue to bless. Even a small amount given in Love is  multiplied. Please support Sharing the LOVE of CHRIST to these kids.

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