Friday, May 5, 2017

God is so great!

After morning devotion, we went to the land that God has given to Beyond Uganda.  They have built a church there and have crops planted. We walked the land and prayed for everything there. That God's love would show in all that is done. 
We had church with the kids!  The choir sang for us then we got to minister to them!  An animated story about a King. Then we learned how we never Know how God is going to form us when he begins to work, using balloon animals to help them visualize it. 
Then we fed them a huge lunch! And many came back for seconds.  It was such a privilege for us to serve them.  
Then we got to give them treat bags and let them have fun as we were leaving. 
We had also prayed for rain because of the drought. Later that day it rained hard!  It quit and everything where the water was rushing slowly was gone. Then it rained again.  So that the ground could soak up some of the water. 
Later in the day we visited the local government hospital.  We went to the maternity ward where ladies had just given birth or were in labor. We did not take pictures there, but picture a large living room with concrete walls.  Two partition walls four feet high. And 16 beds in each section.  48 beds in the size of a large living room in the States.  The ladies can reach over and touch each other!  Over half full. Debbie was able to address them on health issues and consult on a couple of complications.  God sent her because she has this specialty.  

If you feel God pulling at your heart about a trip, he will use you!  He can supply everything if you can believe.  Please look at the website to see possibilities if you feel God needs you.  

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