Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Another day of Blessings

Tuesday we prepared lunch for children who only eat from scraps left on the street by others. Nothing that would be considered of any worth.  They are treated the same way by communities, they don't want "those kids" around, even in the poor village area.  We are ALL made in Gods image!  Our team serving them lunch first!  Then getting to hug and pray over them as we played.  The Kids in the children's home realized that they don't have even as much as them.  
One of our team helped cook. And even made banana pudding which they have never heard of. This made an interesting day. Everyone in the community came to see. To see a man working in the kitchen? And a white man!  The men of the culture do very little here. And can have multiple wives to take care of them. The women carry water great distances sometimes, or the kids must get it.  I carried the five gallon cans of water for a teenage girl, and she could not believe a man would carry water. 
If you have ever heard the story of Jesus feeding the multitude, I can introduce you to someone who has seen it in person!  Food was prepared for not near as many as ate!  I asked the lady in charge if there was enough food.  She was concerned,  but I reminded her, that my God is owner of everything.  And that we would have plenty.  However kids kept coming and coming, we had the team and workers to feed, and needed to send food to the office for others.  So we did this, and had surplus!  God provides.   
Then the day got a little better!  You ask how?  After God using us to show the love of the Father?  Blessing those that haven't eaten anything for a few days?  Giving hugs to the outcast?   
Because of the support of you! We supplied and delivered beds, mattresses, and mosquito nets, to the kids in the children's home!  No more waisted money on malaria medicines from being eaten with mosquitos at night while sleeping!  No more of the bugs eating the beds!  And a comfortable safe place to rest. Everyone was so excited! Even the village kids wanted to help unload!  
It is so humbling to see what God can do when we let him.  
Please continue to pray for the team, and for Starfish as we continue to share the love of God to His children in need, both here locally and abroad. And pray for Beyond Uganda as they minister here in their country.

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