Monday, March 14, 2016

Arrival Day for WKCTC Team!

Once we arrived in El Salvador after two long flights, we decided to do our souvenieer shopping today to accommodate our desire to visit CIPI (teen girls and teen moms with babies) during the course of our trip. After lots of entertainment there, we headed to Pollo Campero to feed the hungry team who hadn't eaten breakfast yet. 
Afterwards, the mission house was next. We settled in and were filled in with all to expect and what the week will hold for us. 
The team was given a tour of the boys transition house and learned about all the opportunities that they provide to the 5 boys living there and the needs and difficulties that the house faces. 
Card games were played until Pizza Hut was delivered for dinner, where the girls from the transition house joined us. Then more card games were played with the girls, with whom we shared lots of laughter over UNO and our struggling Spanish. 
After the girls left, half of the team left to feed the homeless, which was an eye opening and heartbreaking experience. 
All in all, it was a good day, where our team bonded together in a new environment to most, and bonded with a few new friends. 

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