Friday, March 18, 2016

Day 5: March 17, 2016

Everyone was apprehensive by the idea of hiking a volcano, but once we saw the amazing view, all our fears disappeared. After a long ride up to the mountain, climbing a ton of stairs, the view looking down into the crafter was breathtaking. And not just because we had hiked up there to look at it. 
Afterwards, we heading to a Catholic school to put on a carnival for about 150 children, pretty much every age imaginable. We had inflatables, face painting, tattoos (the temporary kind of course!), snow ones, popcorn, painting t shirts and nails, and soccer games. Fun was had by everyone, both by the team and by the children. 
Before leaving the area, we handed out bags of rice, sugar, and beans to the surrounding village in addition to Spanish Bibles and pillowcase dresses. Upon handing out the bags, we prayed over each family, one of them in specific for their deaf daughter and another for their son who was having heart problems. As the sun slipped behind the mountains, we handle out the last of our goods to the families who were beyond excited with them. 

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