Monday, February 15, 2016

Another Grand Day!

Today the team started off the day bright and early, leaving promptly one hour late, per usual. We set off for San Martin, an orphanage for adults with special needs. We took a tour of the facility and anxiously awaited the arrival of our new friends for our dance party.
 Once they made their grand entrance we danced our butts off to some tunes from DJ Lilly. We had a blast watching Juan Carlos get down, and Emilio singing his heart out and even breaking it down ourselves. "If homecoming was half as cool as this dance, I would actually go." Amidst the dance party, our friends got their faces painted and arms tatted and gave our team some body art of their own. Unfortunately, the time came when we had to say our goodbyes, although we left with memories that we will never forget. 
After San Martin, we paid a visit to the highly anticipated Pollo Comparo, and we were not disappointed. 

With stomachs full, we paid a visit to Guerrola, another orphanage for individuals with special needs, but this one was for children. We took a tour and met the kids. This was especially out of most people's comfort zones, because most of the children are physically handicapped and have severe cognitive delays. We soon learned that all it took to put a smile on their face was to show them some love by holding their hands and smiling to show them that we care.
These children and adults don't get visitors very often, and it was a treat for them to get to spend the day with us, but it was an even bigger blessing to have been given the opportunity to meet these amazing people. These people aren't special because they have disabilities, they are special because they see the world with a pure heart and soul. Their perception of the world is something that we should all strive for, a heart free of judgement, happiness even through dark times, and love for anyone and everyone. 
With happy hearts and now empty stomachs, we made the journey to our even more highly anticipated meal... The pupusa party!
Dinner was awesome, and matched with an even more awesome view from the lookout spot down the road from the pupusaria. We saw the entire city of San Salvador from the lookout. It puts into perspective how minuscule we are in this grand scheme of things, but today, no matter how minuscule we are in relation to the the rest of the world, we were a grand part of someone's day at San Martin and Guerrola. 

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