Friday, March 18, 2016

Day 4: Giving a Family a Home

Today during our trip to El Salvador, we finished building our house for the family. We had to pick 
where we left off and finish building the foundation as well as place the last of the floor panels (picture 1). As we put the finishing touches on the foundation and flooring, we began passing down the wall panels to begin to put up the walls. We had a long process of passing down panels, precisely placing concrete blocks, cementing those blocks, placing panels, nailing down the panels, and adding the wooden roof supports. As the image of a house started to appear and the walls went up, the team began to add the hinges to create the windows and the doors. After this, we began to paint the house with a bright mint green and turquoise color. During this time, the team was finishing the roof with the tin sheets on top and began to nail them in. We also built steps out of concrete blocks at the front door and back door. Then we started to bring the wooden furniture into the finished house and adjusted them to give the home the best space possible. There were 5 bunk beds and 1 master bed for the 10 kids and 2 parents. After this, we just added mattresses, sheets, pillows, cups, plates, and a few outdoor decorations. Then it was time to make the reveal. The family came up the the front door area and Kurt dedicated the house, Laura blessed it, and Paula prayed for it. Then Ashley gave the key to the father to open the door and the family's face was priceless. They were so overjoyed hugging us and thanking us, praising the Lord. The knowing that you just gave a family more than what they could have ever dreamed of was the best feeling in the world. During the day, we also gave the family new shoes as well as giving our new friends we played soccer with between breaks of building new shoes. Before we left, we also gave the family food and different things. Their happiness was undefinable. What a blessing it was to give a sweet deserving family a new home. God is so good.

Picture 1: The house before 

Picture 2: The house after 

Picture 3: The family

Picture 4-7: View of the bunk beds and the home 

Picture 8: Rachel helping the kids try on new shoes 

picture 9: Jordie putting new shoes on a little boy that she brought 

Picture 10: Cami nailing the floors together 

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