Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hill of Beans

We began today teaching Sunday School at church at had a great time doing Bible stories and crafts with the kids. Then, in the afternoon it was off to a special needs orphanage for hours of partying and fun!

I loved the service this morning. Everyone should try attending a church that doesn't speak your native tongue. I mean do we really need to understand everything?
It's now been about 36 hours since landing in El Salvador. Everything has humbled me . Leading worship this morning, felt like a disaster. It's funny how things seem to play out better in our minds. But God came through and got me through it. Everyone is getting along well, and it's truly a group that's passionate about giving everything they have. Even if they, including myself, feels as if they aren't the right person for the job. We are a diverse group, bond together by many common goals.

Fed the most precious orphans today. It's still so dumbfounding to me what these kids are going through. It's just another life, and other day. In the states people would be so torn up about these kids. And would want to take action against abuse, or neglect. Here you do what you can, and you pray. That's all you can do. I wish that I could give pictures. But there are none that I have. They are only planted in my memory. It almost seems a dream, almost seems made up. Until you witness it, you'll never realize it's not. It's nothing that you wake up from and find relief. The only thing I will awaken too tomorrow is knowing there are so many out there that have never had someone who cares. I may not be able to preach the gospel to these children, but I can show them the love of Jesus. I do know they understand love, it's universal and cannot be hidden by earthly circumstances. It's the love of the Almighty. When I look at these "special needs" orphans. I don't see the special need, I do see the need, and that they are very special. We are all created perfectly, and without defect. God said it best to Paul. "My grace is sufficient". Because that's Gods love; unbiased, unfailingly, perfect. 

Jesus gave his disciples the authority to, "heal every kind of disease, and every kind of sickness". I believe whole heartedly if one believes they can do this. Then even today, they would without a doubt cleanse those that have been cast aside, like the leaper. We must learn to believe it though. It's not about where we come from, what language we speak, the past we lived. We are all adopted into a holy family. When God calls us home we will all be casting our crowns. Yet we will be liken to kings and queens. ~ Taylor Kibler

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